HPUX 11.11 Vpar installation

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HPUX 11.11 Vpar installation

Hi all,


After trying to migrate all HPUX's to Linux, we "stuck" with a couple of stubborn one's that runs unsupported Linux software.


I was thinking creating 2 RP7420 servers to consolidate all the left (6 servers) to these RP's.

I'm talking about 6 server (Lclass/Nclass) running a combined 11 processors and 15G of RAM.


Just to see if I got the basic idea of Vpars right :

1. I need to install HPUX 11.11 on the physical server and upon it the Vpar software (A.03.05 for 11.11).

2. Allocate 6 SAN disks from our storage.

3. Create the Vpars assigning each of them at least 1 nic and 1 disk.

4. Installing every Vpar as it where a simple HPUX server via Ignite.


Did I miss something ?

Any recommendation on how to it right ? Or any other thought will be welcome.


Thanks ahead,


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Re: HPUX 11.11 Vpar installation

Sounds good. The manual has a nice introduction about vPars. Make sure you have enough CPU/memory and HBAs, since you cannot share them.

Hope this helps!

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