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HPVMNVRAM and boot order


HPVMNVRAM and boot order

We currenty have some automation around delivering HP Virtual machines.


When the system is booted for an install we set the system to boot from the LAN Adapter which then  connects to a ignite server and performs a seamless install.


Once the install is complete setboot sets make sure that the disk is then set to the primary boot device.


hpvmnvram -P hpvm15 -l

  Boot   EFI Boot
  Order  Variable  Description
  =====  ========  ===================================================
  1      Boot0002  HP-UX Primary Boot: 0/0/1/0.0x0.0x0                           
  2      Boot0001  Lanboot                                                       
  3      Boot0000  EFI Shell [Built-in]    


When the system is decommisioned the VM is shutdown and HPVMNVRAM is used to change the boot order back to so that the Network Adapter will be the primary boot device


hpvmnvram -P hpvm15 -m 1:2 -Q


This works fine aslong as the first two items in the boot order remain the same . However if there is a problem with the install for whatever reason - sometimes the EFI Shell - option 3 can end up at the top of the list . This is a fully automated process so manual intervention is not an option .


The question is - is there anyway of utlising the EFI Boot Variable "Boot0001" as this seems to remain constant - or I guess anyway of keeping EFI at option number 3 ?


I'm keen to keep the control of the images from the hosting infrastructure and not form the VM's





Re: HPVMNVRAM and boot order

I'm not 100% sure I understand the question correctly, but if you want to make lanboot first would not

simply finding the current lanboot entry boot order and changing it to '1' do the job?


Something like

from=`hpvmnvram -pX -l |awk '/Lanboot/ {print $1}'`

hpvmnvram -pX -m ${from}:1 -Q




I work for HPE