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How is Vpar secured

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How is Vpar secured

Hi ,


We have been askd by auditors as to how are our Vpars secured from each other.

We have 4 vpars , out of which two are test and two are Dev.


how can i secure them ? 

At n/w , O.S level .



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Re: How is Vpar secured

From the OS point of view the vPars are isolated to each other.


In terms of administration you can isolate them too (admin on vPar a cannot change the vPar b, for example).

Hope this helps!

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Re: How is Vpar secured

at OS level can use bastille server hardening tool from hp ux itself. just ssh to server using tool like x manager and type bastille ...a gui will open to configure ....


at network depends on what hardware you are using. suppose you have one physical server and you 4 physical disk and 4 lan cards.

then you can create 2 vpars each with 2 disk in raid 1 and 2 lan crads in bonding. ofcourse one bond to be used for base os also.


if you have superdome servers then you can do the same stuff without base os.

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