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Installing HP-UX on multiple vPARs from ilo VMedia

Super Advisor

Installing HP-UX on multiple vPARs from ilo VMedia



i am installing HP-UX (11.31) on my vPAR (v6.0) through the VSP (physical server) ILO Virtual Media.

Whenever the process request for the 2nd installation DVD and i try to disconnect the DVD(1) to reconnect for DVD(2), the installation does not proceed againg. It gives I/O errors. When i execute IOSCAN through the VSP HP-UX, there is no "CLAIMED", rather there is "NO-HW" (NO HARDWARE) at the Virtual Media hardware path, mainwhile the DVD (2) remains reconnected with even green light at the ILO VMedia level.


Please help! I have about 20 vPARs on which i have to install HP-UX.





Re: Installing HP-UX on multiple vPARs from ilo VMedia

Installing over vMedia is not flexible anyway, how would you install things in parallel?

Make a dd copy of the media to a file and install from that. Or setup Ignite server if you do not have one and upload the media there and install over network from the server.


Hopefully you are not installing vPar V6.00 (which is some 5 versions behind the latest and greatest)

I work for HPE
Primesh Abeysinghe
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Re: Installing HP-UX on multiple vPARs from ilo VMedia



It is not supporting, but still you want to install multiple vPars you may use Ignite server it is easy.


Follow these quick step,


Ignite ux server configuration



/etc/opt/ignite/inslt_boottab   }   set up temporary ip address for boot clients 


Setup tftp & instl_bootd services in /etc/inetd.conf

Change tftp line changed

Inslt_boots line changed


#Inetd -c


Verify tftp user

Pwget –n tftp


Setup /etc/exports or  /etc/dfs/dfstab



#exportfs –a

#showmount –e } if shows nothing enable nfs server using SAM


Touch /etc/dfs/sharetab 


Ignite settings and ignite parameters


#inslt_adm –d > /tmp/instl.cfg


#vi /tmp/instl.cfg


Done following changers


#inslt_adm –f /tmp/instl.cfg


#inslt_adm –d  to verify the applied settings



copy bundles



make config


#/opt/ignite/bin/manage_index –n…..-c

#/opt/ignite/bin/manage_index –a –f….. –c….


Configure system as a ignite server

#/opt/ignite/lbin/setup_server  -n

Verify following files

/var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.31/core_cfg …





Restart NFS server


Add lanMAC address of clients



/etc/bootptab …..


#Inetd –c


Then boot the client and create boot loadr


/var/opt/ignite/INDEX }Unwanted closers comment

/etc/bootptab }Unwanted closers comment


Specify the depot correct path in