New VPAR Unable to see LUNs from 3PAR

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New VPAR Unable to see LUNs from 3PAR

So I just created a new VPAR, and assigned 2 HBAs:

hpvmmodify -P prdbrmcvg02 -a hba:avio_stor:,,0x50024C2000010006,0x50024C2800010006:npiv:/dev/fclp4
hpvmmodify -P prdbrmcvg02 -a hba:avio_stor:,,0x50024C2000010008,0x50024C2800010008:npiv:/dev/fclp5

I am able to see the assigned WWN on the SAN Sw just fine. I create the HOST on the 3PAR and I can see and assign the WWN to the just just fine.

But when I boot the VPAR, it goes to the EFI, but it is not able the see the LUN assigned to the host.

I am issuing the EFI shell commands reconnect -r and map -r but nothing comes up.

Any ideas what am I missing here?

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Re: New VPAR Unable to see LUNs from 3PAR


vPAR or Virtual machine ?

Assuming it is a virtual machine ...

When an HP-UX system boots over the SAN, the boot disks must be configured in the EFI. If not, you must scan SAN devices to find the disks.

Since it is a new virtual machine, virtual RAM is empty and no EFI boot path is configured.
EFI boot paths are configured during OS installation, and because you have attached an alreday installed system SAN volume, the process to write boot pathes is not done.

So, you must scan the SAN in order to find the boot disk
Once booted, don't forget to use the command "setboot ..." to write boot path to the virtual RAM

The process to scan boot devices at EFI on a vitual machine is here :

From my own experience I would add the following to te procedure :

- add command "map -r" after command "reconnect -r"
- once every thing is OK and when the boot path is writen to the virtual RAM, revert the variable EFIFCScanLevel to 0. When the value is 1 and depending on the number of SAN volumes presented to the virtuel machine, boot time can be much longer.




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Re: New VPAR Unable to see LUNs from 3PAR

Hello Eric, thanks a lot for your quick answer. The issue is resolved already.

It turned out to be a problem related with the assigned WWN on the virtual HBA's, the ones issued on the command were not part of the GUID pool.

Once I run the command like this: hpvmmodify -P host1 -a hba:avio_stor::npiv:/dev/fcd0 I was able to see the lun on the EFI shell. And the server finally booted fine.

Once again, thanks a lot.