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“No Data” for utilization meter on Integrity VMmanager.


“No Data” for utilization meter on Integrity VMmanager.

We are getting “No Data”  for utilization meter on VMmanager.



VSP:- Bl870i4 – hpux  11.31 VSE March 2013

Guest :-  Hpux 11.31 DCOE  March 2013

VPAR/VM Version 6.2

VMMGR Version 6.2


I have checked all possible options which is mentioned on VMMGR user guide

  1. Setting WBEM credentials in HP SMH
  2. VM is up and running. VSP can  contact VM & vice versa
  3. utild daemon is running
  4. verified  WBEM install with  “cimprovider –ls “  for a response  “HPVMProviderModule OK”
  5. run wbemassist and verified wbem status
  6. tried telnet from VSP to VM on port  5989, accepting the connectetion


What could be missing to check?  How I can verify VM manager is trying to contact VM ?

Which log file  should I check  for VMM to WBEM communication ?


Thanks in Advance