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Not able to modify the VM CPU.

Frequent Advisor

Not able to modify the VM CPU.

Hello Experts,


I want modify the CPU of my VM but i'm going to modify the cpu's it is showing the below error :


hpvmmodify: ERROR (host): The vswitch 'vmsw4' does not exist.
HPVM guest testhost configuration problems:
    Warning 1 on item vmsw4: Vswitch 'vmsw4' does not exist.
These problems may prevent HPVM guest testhost from starting.
hpvmmodify: The modification process is continuing.


Please help.


Thanks in advance.


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Dave Olker

Re: Not able to modify the VM CPU.

Looks like the guest configuration is associated with a virtual switch that does not exist.  If that's the case you can use the hpvmmodify command to remove the reference to the non-existent virtual switch "vmsw4".  Then retry your command to modify the guest CPU configuration.