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Remapping of HBA avio

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Remapping of HBA avio

Hi Admins,


OS : HPUX 11.31

VM version : B.06.10.05


I want to HBA avio device remapping with one of the hpvm guest. Below command ended up with error.


CB1:/#hpvmmodify -p4 -d hba:avio_stor::npiv:/dev/fcd1-0x2001438021DC093E,0x2001438021DC093F
hpvmmodify: Unable to find device hba:avio_stor::npiv:/dev/fcd1-0x2001438021DC093E,0x2001438021DC093F.
hpvmmodify: Unable to modify the vPar or VM.

CB1:/#hpvmmodify -p4 -d hba:avio_stor::npiv:/dev/fcd1
hpvmmodify: Unable to find device hba:avio_stor::npiv:/dev/fcd1.
hpvmmodify: Unable to modify the vPar or VM.



Please find the device details.


[Storage Interface Details]
vPar/VM                                Physical
Device  Adapter    Bus Dev Ftn Tgt Lun Storage   Device
======= ========== === === === === === ========= =========================
hba     avio_stor    0   0             npiv      /dev/fcd1-0x2001438021DC093E,0x2001438021DC093F
hba     avio_stor    0   1             npiv      /dev/fcd2-0x2001438021DC0268,0x2001438021DC0269



Please let me know whats the exact syntax fro removal. And also i want to add the devices back.


Thanks and Regards




Re: Remapping of HBA avio


#hpvmmodify -p4 -d hba:avio_stor:,,0x2001438021DC093E,0x2001438021DC093F:npiv:/dev/fcd1

or even more exactly:

#hpvmmodify -p4 -d hba:avio_stor:0,0,0x2001438021DC093E,0x2001438021DC093F:npiv:/dev/fcd1


The same resource syntax is to be used for adding new NPIV HBA.


The syntax is shown in HPVM Admin Guide and hpvmresources(5) man page





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Re: Remapping of HBA avio

thanks a lot. the privious is usefully.