Re: Remove VM without freeing NPIV WWNs

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Remove VM without freeing NPIV WWNs

I've created DRD clones of an Integrity VM 6.1 VSP and brought them up elsewhere in the environment.  The VM configurations that were on the source VSP now show up on the new VSP, but will never run there.  When running hpvmremove to delete the configs on the new VSP's, it attempts to free the NPIV WWN's on the GUID server.  They are still needed as the original VM's are still running in their original location.  Does anyone know the proper way to remove a VM without releasing the NPIV WWN's?

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Re: Remove VM without freeing NPIV WWNs

Can you confirm what state the GUID entries are in before and after you remove the VM guest?  After you issue the hpvmremove command the entries should transition to EXCLUDED state.  In that state, they are still reserved - meaning they will not be given out to other guests, but you need to manually specify these WWN entries in order to recover them.


Some of this is covered in the GUID Manager Admin Guide found here:


Section 1.3 describes the various WWN states.