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Upgrading STM and potential affect on VPARS

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Pam Meyer
Occasional Contributor

Upgrading STM and potential affect on VPARS

We have 2 servers (rp7420's) running a version of STM which is over 5 years old. Each rp7420 has 1 partition with 3 VPARs.

On one of the systems we are getting what may be false errors, and HP is recommending as a first course of action that I upgrade STM to the June 2009 version as that may "fix" the issue.

I have it in my head that upgrading STM can cause a loss of VPARS. The HP support guy says I should just go ahead and do it, and isn't answering my question about the potential VPAR impact (I suspect he just doesn't know the answer), so I thought I'd ask here.

Have any of you upgraded STM on a system with VPARS and did you encounter issues?
Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading STM and potential affect on VPARS

I just updated to a later rev last month in a vPars environment and have had no problems. If you're concerned with the update, look through the release notes for known issues and workarounds.

If you're troubleshooting STM, it seems reasonable to update the product. As always, have a plan and a backout if needed.

Hope this helps,
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading STM and potential affect on VPARS


A year ago I went through upgrading 5 superdomes that had never been upgraded. They were 3 year lease machines and it was policy to get new boxes every 3 years. These, they had to buy.

The biggest issue was upgrading firmware. Its the firmware that annouces the errors and the STM software, or, diagnostics software the hears and reports on it.

Question: What's your firmware upgrades like?

Along with upgrading firmware goes upgrading npar and vpar software. They are unique and different and can be incompaitiable with things just like other software can be incompaitible.

swlist -l | grep -i par
swlist -l | grep -i vpar

Look into upgrading this software as well. When you do, follow the install instructions to the letter as everything gets rebooted during the npar upgrade.

Now you update the O/S STM diags.

Note: HBA firmware installs are the hardest. Why? Many don't rollback. Once you upgrade your stuck and can't rollback. Where I worked this was a change mgmt violation and so we ignored the HBA firmware upgrades.
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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Upgrading STM and potential affect on VPARS

I don't expect problems due to STM updates.

But I agree with Michael, since vPars are very close to firmware, you should check if the vPars version itself and servers firmware are also up to date.

Hope this helps!

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