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VPAR Resource Capacity Limit

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VPAR Resource Capacity Limit

Hello Guys


Could you please let me know the command to find the resource (vCPU & Memory) capacity limit for the VPAR's (HPUX 11.23) on integrity Virtual host servers running HPUX 11.31 OS.

For eg. I want to know what is the max vCPU and memory that I can assign to one VPAR.

The Base Virtual Host has 32 Logical processors and 400GB memory and the server hardware model is Rx 7640.


Many thanks!




Re: VPAR Resource Capacity Limit

All limits are documented in manuals under


If we speak about HPVM/vPars v6 and creating a vPar that would be running 11.23, the answer is none - such combination is not supported - 11.23 is supported only for VM guests, not vPars.



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