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VPAR recreation

Super Advisor

VPAR recreation

We have a vpar which is to be decommissioned.Before decommisioning, i want to remove and recreate the VPAR with same set of resources for
learning purpose.Ignite backup is available.And Vpar maintenance done using VSP.

Vpar version is B.06.10.05 .

Please guide with procedure.


vPar/VM Physical
Device Adapter Bus Dev Ftn Tgt Lun Storage Device
======= ========== === === === === === ========= =========================
hba avio_stor 0 0 npiv /dev/fcd2-0x2001438021DC0568,0x2001438021DC0569
hba avio_stor 0 1 npiv /dev/fcd3-0x2001438021DC056A,0x2001438021DC056B

[Network Interface Details]
Interface Adaptor Name/Num PortNum Bus Dev Ftn Mac Address


Thanks and Regards

========= ========== ===================== ======= === === === =================
vswitch avio_lan pidev2cidb_sw1 1 0 2 0 06-1e-c1-f0-24-d9


Super Advisor

Re: VPAR recreation

Hi Admins,


Disk used here is boot disk.





Re: VPAR recreation

You have not provided enough information to show what specific hpvmremove/hpvmcreate syntax would be needed to remove and recreate this vPar.  There is no information about the name of the vPar, how many CPU cores, how much memory, etc.


From what you listed, this vPar is not using any disks assigned from the VSP.  It therefore must be using disks zoned directly to the WWNs of the NPIV virtual HBAs you listed.  If you were to remove the vPar via "hpvmremove" it would not affect the disks.  You could recreate the vPar using the same NPIV WWNs and it should be able to find its disks and boot from it again.