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VPARs in Mixed Mode Environment

saurav sarkar_1
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VPARs in Mixed Mode Environment

In a NPAR we are having 5 VPARS. VPAR named as VPAR0, VPAR1,VPAR2,VPAR3 and VPAR4. 


We want to run this VPARs in Mixed Mode Environment. Currently our MON version is A.04.04 and all VPAR's version is A.04.04 (HP-UX 11.23)


We required only  VPAR2 to be upgrade to HP-UX 11.31.


Please suggest what are the necessary steps to be done.


Also Suggest that if I upgrade VPAR2 and MON in A.05.xx then is it possible or not. I dont want to do anything on rest of the VPARs.


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Dave Olker

Re: VPARs in Mixed Mode Environment

I believe the instructions you're looking for are in the "HP-UX Virtual Partitions Administrator Guide - March 2012" located here:


Beginning on page 93 is the section titled "Updating from vPars A.04.xx to Mixed HP-UX 11i v2/v3 vPars (A.04.xx and A.05.xx) Environment"