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change to multi Vlan on one port in Vpar 6.2 ?

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change to multi Vlan on one port in Vpar 6.2 ?

while I have currently no systems  to test on and we need  to implement next  as  soon as possible on a current in operational running system .

I got the  next question about which steps  I need  to have multi vlan on one  port :


example  :

blade BL860-I4  :

currently in profile  one  vlan  ( 201)  for  test  is  configured   two guest  ( dev1 and dev2) using this  hpvm-switch

created in the past with:

hpvmnet -c -S vsdev-n 8

add  each guests  a port to it :

hpvmmodify -P <Guest> -a  network:avio_lan::vswitch:vsdev


we need  this interface  also for a  new acceptence  this  will be vlan 801  ?


do we have to

1   to change the  profile   this port to muti-vlan in  the

2  change  vsdev  already coneted  ( dev Guests) ports  into :

hpvmnet -S vsdev -u portid:1:vlan:201

hpvmmodify -P dev1 -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:vsdev:portid:1


this  for  all concurrent running  guest using the  dev vlan.

and for  new  Acceptance Gues


on a free port on vsdev:

hpvmnet -S vsdev -u portid:6:vlan:801

hpvmmodify -P acc1 -a network:avio_lan::vswitch:vsdev:portid:6


on guest acc I can  setup this  port  a network for  vlan801   acceptance ?


does  this  work ? or  need  I do more steps  to have  more  vLans  on one  VSP port ?


Kind  regards 

WIm van de Voort.

sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: change to multi Vlan on one port in Vpar 6.2 ?

Hi Vandevoort,

if the LAN switch ports are configured to support the tagged VLANs, you can attempt to create the VLAN adapters first on the Host using commands such as

************ Excerpt from IVM 4.3 admin Guide ******************** Creating and Managing a vswitch with a VLAN Interface
To illustrate how to create and manage a vswitch with a VLAN interface, assume that your
system has physical and aggregate interfaces as shown by the following format:
Name/ Interface Station Sub- Interface Related
ClassInstance State Address system Type Interface
============== ========= ============== ======== ============== =========
lan0 UP 0x0017A4AB5461 igelan 1000Base-T
lan1 UP 0x0017A4AB5460 igelan 1000Base-T
lan2 UP 0x001A4B06E90A iether 1000Base-T
lan3 UP 0x001A4B06E90B iether 1000Base-T lan900
lan900 UP 0x001A4B06E90B hp_apa hp_apa
lan901 DOWN 0x000000000000 hp_apa hp_apa
lan902 DOWN 0x000000000000 hp_apa hp_apa
lan903 DOWN 0x000000000000 hp_apa hp_apa
lan904 DOWN 0x000000000000 hp_apa hp_apa
To configure a PPA of the VLAN interface (VPPA) with a VLAN ID = 20 on the lan900 aggregate,
enter the following:
# nwmgr -a -S vlan -A vlanid=20, ppa=900
VLAN interface lan5000 successfully configured.
lan5000 current values:
VPPA = 5000
Related PPA = 900
VLAN ID = 20
Priority = 0
Priority Override Level = CONF_PRI
ToS = 0
ToS Override Level = IP_HEADER
VLAN Related VLAN Pri Pri ToS Tos Name
Interface Interface ID Override Override
Name Level Level
============= ========= ===== ==== ========== ==== ========== ================
lan5000 lan900 20 0 CONF_PRI 0 IP_HEADER UNNAMED
To create, boot and display a vswitch bound to VLAN lan5000, enter the following:
# hpvmnet -c -S vs5020 -n 5000
# hpvmnet -b -S vs5020
# hpvmnet -S vs5020
Name Number State Mode NamePPA MAC Address IPv4 Address
======== ====== ======= ========= ======== ============== ===============
vs5020 18 Up Shared lan5000 0x001a4b06e90b
[Port Configuration Details]
Port Port Port Untagged Number of Active VM Tagged
Number State Adaptor VLANID Reserved VMs VLANIDs
======= ============ ======== ======== ============ ============ =============
1 Reserved avio_lan none 2 none
7.4 Configuring VLANs 137
2 Reserved avio_lan none 1 none
3 Active avio_lan none 1 u03 none
To enable the VLAN-backed vswitch (VBVsw) feature, HP-UX PHNE_40215 or a superseding
patch is required on the VM Host. This patch is available as an individual patch or as part of
"FEATURE11i" bundle.

"FEATURE11i" bundle. To verify that the patch is installed, enter the following:
# swlist -l product | grep PHNE_40215
PHNE_40215 1.0 LAN cumulative patch
The dlpi_max_ub_promisc kernel tunable needs to be set to when using a VBVsw type vswitch.
Otherwise, attempting to boot the vswitch fails with the following error message from the
hpvmnet command:
# hpvmnet -b -S vs5000
hpvmnetd: setup_downlink: promisc failed, recv_ack:
promisc_phys: UNIX error - Device busy, errno 5
To set the kernel tunable, enter the following:
# kctune dlpi_max_ub_promisc=