configuring npar to vpar in rx 7640


configuring npar to vpar in rx 7640



Current Configuration



Complex 1


1 n par and 6 v par in it.

Total -> 3p/6c, 2 cell, 24 GB
1 vpar- 1c/4GB
2 vpar- 1c/4GB
3 vpar- 1c/4GB
4 vpar- 1c/4GB
5 vpar- 1c/4GB
6 vpar- 1c/4GB


Complex 2


2 n par
Total - >8p/16c, 2cell, 112 GB
1 npar - 8c/56GB
2 npar - 8c/56GB


above is the current configuration of two rx7640 complex.


those marked in red color  are in cluster,


both cluster node are configured in two complex,if any issue happens in complex, all nodes will be down and there is no chance of package failover.




is it possible to reconfigure the n par to vpar environment .


what are the possible ways to do the changes.