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how to configure fc npiv for HPVM

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how to configure fc npiv for HPVM

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Hi ,


I would like to make some queries as per below. Please advise. Thanks. 


1.  would like get procedures to configure GUIDMgr in HPVM VSP (ver 6.2) 

2.  In HPVM ver6.2, can i assign all CPU cores to HPVM Guests ?

3. would like to know how to configure Fc NPIV for HPVM Guests.



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Re: how to configure fc npiv for HPVM

1. There is a GUID manager admin guide on

2. yes, in fact for shared guests, yuo do not assign whole CPU core, but possibly only a part of it. See Admin guide.

3. see  HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM V6.2 Administrator Guide again at

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