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remove nPars

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remove nPars

I have a SD32B Superdome with 5 nPars.


I need to remove 3 partitions to use their resources in the other two. The nPars I want to preserve are the 1 and 2. I would need to remove the nPars 0, 3 and 5.


My question is: Can I remove the nPar 0 (the Genesis nPar)?


Is there some kind of backup /restore of the nPar configuration that I can do (just in case I have to return to the original configuration)?

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Re: remove nPars

You can remove partition 0.  Although it was the genisis partition when it was created, now its just another partition.



There really isnt any type of backup/restore that you can perform in regards to nPar configuration.   The MP does attempt to keep a backup copy of the current configuration, but you have no control over it and you cannot see what its configuration currently is.  The only time you can even utilize it is when you issue the CC command to build/restore a genesis partition.


Your best bet it to simply record the output of parstatus so you know what you have today.  If you need to rebuild that configuration, you can do it manually from the OS of any remaining partitions.



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Re: remove nPars

thanks for your answer, it helps me a lot.
I do not know how to give you more kudos!