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vm crashes running S99z0OVCtrl

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vm crashes running S99z0OVCtrl



I have an HPUX 11.31 host running Integrity 3.5 software 


vmhost# swlist | grep -i integ
T2767AC A.03.50 Integrity VM
VMGuestLib A.03.50 Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries
VMKernelSW A.03.50 Integrity VM Kernel Software
VMProvider A.03.50 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM


and guest also running 3.5 libraries and guest software



vmguest# swlist | grep -i integ
BB068AA B.06.10.05 HP-UX vPars & Integrity VM v6
HPVM-Guest A.03.50 Integrity VM Guest
 VMGuestLib A.03.50 Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries



When the box runs the script /sbin/rc3.d/S99z0OVCtrl the box crashes with no panic string

Also on boot up we see the error 

/usr/lib/hpux64/ Unsatisfied code symbol 'hpvm_vm_guest_type_get' in load module '/opt/hpvm/bin/hpvminfo'


strangely enough other odd things like running java -version cause the box to crash


I suspect its because hpvm code may not have installed correctly but can't be sure





Re: vm crashes running S99z0OVCtrl

if it really is 11.31 host than it should not be running HPVM V3.5 (which is for 11.23 only) but V4.X or V6.X.


Also the guest surely should not have HPVM V6.1.5 (BB068AA) installed.


See HPVM documentation for supported HP-UX and HPVM version combinations.




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Re: vm crashes running S99z0OVCtrl

Sorry I posted too quickly without checking my fact
- it's a 11.23 host
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Re: vm crashes running S99z0OVCtrl

I believe the issue is 11.23 host running latest possible verion of vm software ( v3.5)  is incompatible with vm host running later integrity software. Solution is to move to 11.31 host running HPVM v6.2