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vpar decommission

Regular Advisor

vpar decommission


how do one decommission a 11.23 vPar?


superdome has  four nPars

one of the nPars has six vPars.

one of the vPars is to be decommissioned.


This to be decommed vPar has two processors, many disks and RAM.



MON> vparinfo

Names of the partitions in the database:



vpar1 (up) ==> need to decommission this vPar

vpar2 (up)

vpar3 (up)

vpar4 (up)

vpar5 (down)

vpar6 (up)


Cell 1 total cpus 8 free cpus 1

Cell 5 total cpus 8 free cpus 6

The following CPUs are unassigned:

1/121 5/122 5/123 5/124 5/125 5/126 5/127

The following CPUs are disabled:


ILM Memory: total 130427 MB free 23931 MB

Cell 1 CLM Memory total 0 MB free 0 MB

Cell 5 CLM Memory total 0 MB free 0 MB



MON> scan

1           cell      AML path=_SB_N001              VPAR=ALL

1.0         sba       AML path=_SB_N001S016          VPAR=ALL

1.0.0       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L000  VPAR=NONE

1.0.1       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L001  VPAR=NONE

1.0.2       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L002  VPAR=vpar1 ***

1.0.4       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L004  VPAR=NONE

1.0.5       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L005  VPAR=vpar1 ***

1.0.6       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC0L006  VPAR=vpar5

1.0.8       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L008  VPAR=NONE

1.0.9       lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L009  VPAR=NONE

1.0.10      lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L010  VPAR=vpar6

1.0.12      lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L012  VPAR=NONE

1.0.13      lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L013  VPAR=vpar4

1.0.14      lba       AML path=_SB_N001S016IOC1L014  VPAR=vpar2

1.120       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P008          VPAR=vpar2

1.121       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P010          VPAR=NONE

1.122       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P012          VPAR=vpar1 ***

1.123       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P014          VPAR=vpar1 ***

1.124       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P009          VPAR=vpar2

1.125       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P011          VPAR=vpar3

1.126       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P013          VPAR=vpar4

1.127       proc      AML path=_SB_N001P015          VPAR=vpar3

5           cell      AML path=_SB_N005              VPAR=ALL

5.0         sba       AML path=_SB_N005S080          VPAR=ALL

5.0.0       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L000  VPAR=NONE

5.0.1       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L001  VPAR=NONE

5.0.2       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L002  VPAR=vpar1 ***

5.0.4       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L004  VPAR=NONE

5.0.5       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L005  VPAR=vpar1 ***

5.0.6       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC0L006  VPAR=vpar4

5.0.8       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L008  VPAR=NONE

5.0.9       lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L009  VPAR=vpar5

5.0.10      lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L010  VPAR=vpar6

5.0.12      lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L012  VPAR=NONE

5.0.13      lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L013  VPAR=vpar3

5.0.14      lba       AML path=_SB_N005S080IOC1L014  VPAR=vpar2

5.120       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P040          VPAR=vpar6

5.121       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P042          VPAR=vpar6

5.122       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P044          VPAR=NONE

5.123       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P046          VPAR=NONE

5.124       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P041          VPAR=NONE

5.125       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P043          VPAR=NONE

5.126       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P045          VPAR=NONE

5.127       proc      AML path=_SB_N005P047          VPAR=NONE





Re: vpar decommission

You can just vparremove the vpar.


Note however that there is a possible complication if the vpar to be remove owns the monitor boot disk

(compare vparstatus -v and vparstatus -m). In that case I'd recommend to boot the monitor (the npar)

from some other partition's boot disk first (and change the EFI boot path accordingly) to prevent problems.


I work for HPE
Regular Advisor

Re: vpar decommission


As it is vpar number 1, I have doubts that it could be the one holding that monitor/ vpdb disk

I am not sure how to check that though.


I attached vparstatus -v and vparstatus -m


executed the commands from vpar1




Re: vpar decommission

Monitor boot disk path:
[Virtual Partition Details]
Name:         vpar2
State:        Up
[IO Details]

So the monitor's boot disk is under 1.0.14 which is owned by vpar2. So no problem for removing vpar1.

Interestingly, there is no boot disk defined for vpar2. You should get that addressed.

I work for HPE
Regular Advisor

Re: vpar decommission

great, Stan.... thank you... learnt something new today..


so, you reckon, I can go ahead and vparremove -p vpar1 from any other vpar now..


1. By the way... how do I format those disks associated with vpar1.. ? So many many disks in that vpar!

that is one the requisites in decommission work....


2. I noticed BOOT and ALTBOOT not present in IO Details in other vpars.. vpar3, vpar4 an vpar6 (vpar5 is down)

     Need to address these too?



Regular Advisor

Re: vpar decommission

Also...very important question What needs to be done, if one has to decommission a vPar where monitoting boot disk is also present in that vPar's IO details..? thank you