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vpar offline migration

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vpar offline migration



we are using vPar 6.2 with NPIV and it works well subject to certain conditions being met (shared san switch ports between VSPs). i have tested offline migration and it works fine.


i have a question/scenario.


As far as i can tell in order to start a vpar on a target VSP in the event of the source VSP crashing you would have had to offline migrate it to that target VSP sometime in the past. Doing the migrate in advance would reserve resources on the the target VSP that might never be used and which can't therefore be used by any other vPar - so i don't want to do this.  However If you haven't migrated previously and the source VSP goes down then you can't migrate (as far as i know).


So is there a way to migrate (pull) from the target VSP after the source VSP has gone down? or even better is there a way to export the vPar configuration to a file (which you can store somewhere), import it on the target VSP and start the vPar at the time the source VSP has failed?




Re: vpar offline migration

The way to go is to migrate upfront but disable resource reservation on the target.


See man hpvmmodify (-x resources_reserved= 0/1).




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