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vpar storage migration rx8640

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Occasional Contributor

vpar storage migration rx8640

We are planning a storage migration on a vpar (11.31) running on a rx8640.
In the I was able to mirror appsvg00 (vg00) break the mirror and we are good.
Would the same work for san boot vg00 ?
these are the steps I am thinking :
mirror vg00
update the setboot
shut the server down
from another vpar modify the BOOT lun
start the vpar
break the mirror
Are these steps good?
Am i missing something or should we go a totaly different route?


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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: vpar storage migration rx8640

In this case, I don't see a need to shut down the vPar, other than to verify that you can boot from the new SAN.


Here is what I would do:


1) Mirror VG00 (hopefully you are familiar with the steps required for this)

2) Use 'setboot -p' to make your new SAN disk the primary boot disk

3) Use the 'vparstatus' command to verify that the boot disk for the vpar has been reset (setboot should do this automatically)

4) Reboot the vPar to make sure it can boot from the primary disk (on the new SAN)

5) Verify the disk the system booted from ('dmesg | grep -i boot' - verify the HW path is the same as the primary boot disk)

6) If all is well, then lvreduce the mirrors and vgreduce the old disk out of VG00

Occasional Contributor

Re: vpar storage migration rx8640

Thanks Patrick ..


Seems we are pretty much on the page.


The storage team brought up a point I am not sure I agree with.


They said that changing the boot device has to be done from the EFI prompt in npar mode.


Trying to find more information regarding this ..


But that does not make sense to me.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: vpar storage migration rx8640

>>They said that changing the boot device has to be done from the EFI prompt in npar mode.


Negative.  You can change the boot device for a vPar in 2 ways:


1) via the setboot command from within a vPar

2) via the vparmodify command from another vPar, which requires the vPar you are changing to be down.



Acclaimed Contributor

Re: vpar storage migration rx8640

Use parmodify (not vparmodify) if you want to change the boot path of the npar.

Hope this helps!

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Occasional Contributor

Re: vpar storage migration rx8640

Thanks everyone  !!