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Adding disc

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Adding disc

I am new in the world of MPE/IX and without experiment, and I must install a second disc of address scsi 2 in a server MPE/ix Ver.5.55. Somebody could help me how I must make, step by step the procedure of installation and configuration, on the one hand to add it like a volume groups independent and on the other hand like member of the same group.
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Marco Suerig

Re: Adding disc

I assume that the new disk is already in the system with SCSi ID 2. You can find the Hardware Path and Type of disk at ISL> with ODE run mapper. Therefore I will only deal with the MPE part of configuring it. If you need more information please reply.

Preparation: You need the hardware path where the disk is added and the type of the disk drive. You need a free logical device (ldev) number for your new disk. By typing dstat all you see all existing disks in your system with ldev numbers and disk IDs.
Then you should have a look with print what kind of ID belongs to your disk drive. If you can not find the right ID then the disk is not supported on the OS version you use. Pay attention: The disk ID in dstat all is not always identical with the one from iodfault. You need to use the one from iodfault.

You need to logon with hello manager.sys for the config.
type sysgen
At sysgen> prompt first save the config you have for desaster recovery with: keep CYA (CYA is the file name).
type io
at io> prompt:
I assume for my example an existing path 56/40, SCSI ID 2, disk ID=HPC2490WD, ldev 3, type:
AP 56/40.2 ID=PSEUDO
AD 2 56/40.2.0 ID=HPC2490WD
Then you can verify if you successfully added the disk: type at io prompt: ld 3
Now keep your changes with:
io> ho
io> e
sysgen> ke
Result should be: Configuration files successfuly saved.
sysgen> e
At MPE prompt you must perform DOIONOW to make the changes become active.

Now your disk drive is visible but not configured to a volume set yet.

Volume Management is done with volutil.
at MPE prompt type volutil

1) Configuring disk alone as user volume set:
volutil: newset User_Volume_Set_Name Member1 3
A verify question will appear and afterwards a note that you added the disk.

2) Configuring disk to an existing user volume set:
volutil: Newvol Existing_User_Volume_Set_Name:Member2 3

3) Configuring disk to System Volume Set:
volutil: Newvol MPEXL_SYSTEM_VOLUME_SET:Member2 3 100 100

When everything is done take a new SLT at sysgen> ta with the new configuration.

Existing Volume Names can be seen with dstat all. When you type in the name do not use -0.

This is only an overview. So take your time to configure the disk because if you do not have experience with it, it might be diffiuclt.
Marco Suerig

Re: Adding disc

Sorry, one line is wrong it must be:
AD 3 56/40.2.0 ID=HPC2490WD
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding disc

Please provide more details specifically on the type of HPe3000 servers (9x7, 9x8, 9x9, 99x), the type of disc (2Gb, 4Gb, 9Gb, 18Gb, product number C3010M1, HPC2490AM/WD, STnnnnn, etc), the type of interface (SCSI Single-Ended, Fast-Wided) and the ldev# (logicial device number).

The configuration portion of it is pretty straight forward using SYSGEN.
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