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Replacing a failed disc in MPE/ix


Replacing a failed disc in MPE/ix

Please let me start by apologising for the stupidity of the question that is about to follow ??? if you feel brave please read on:

I have an old MPE box HP957. It is running an old version of MPE. MPE 4.5 (I believe). It is used to store our old historic data and is very rarely used. I rebooted the system and am now unable to bring up the system. A volume (12) fails to mount. I had a look at the expansion cage and two discs were in it. The upper one had a hard green light on ??? the lower one???s green light went out after a couple of minutes. I was advised (not sure how well informed) that the rogue drive was the one with the light out (i.e. the lower drive). I was also advised (by the same source) that all I had to do was replace the drive and then restore the data. Sounded too good to be true!

I have acquired a similar drive, set the jumpers to match the original device and installed this in place of the lower drive. On reboot both lights now go out - the system then complains that ldev12 is not available for mounting.
Ldev12 HPC2490AM ??? configured ??? not available 52.3.0.

I also get a message ???MAP-IN failed because of bad volume ID???.

Couple of questions:

1. Have I replaced the correct drive?
2. What other commands do I need to issue ??? I have now forgotten the little that I knew about MPE. Plus the box was always on support and HP would have tackled this for me.
3. Once (if) the drive is configured am I safe to restore the whole system. Should I exclude @.pub.sys? Should I exclude anything else?

I realise that there are lots of holes if the above ??? but if you are able to help in any way I would be most grateful. If you are able to help you will need to specify any commands that I need to issue as MPE is now a distant memory (happier days!).

Thanks for reading and here???s hoping ??????????????????. Bob
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing a failed disc in MPE/ix

Hello Bob,

If the disc on ldev#12 is a member of the default system volume set and the disc is not fit in a disk array using hardware mirroring, then you'll need to replace the disc and recover the system from the most current CSLT and full backup tapes.

A good document providing instructions to "reload the MPE system" is available in the ITRC Tehcnical Knowledge Base; the document ID is MPEKBRC00005590 (MPE/iX SYSTEM INSTALLATION GUIDELINES).

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