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formatting volume members of mpexl_system_volume_set-0

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formatting volume members of mpexl_system_volume_set-0

I want to run formatvol on the 2 member volumes of the mpexl_system_volume_set-0. Can I do this? I am running mpex 6.0 and have 1 volumeset (mpexl_system_volume_set-0) with a master volume (member1=ldev=1) and 2 member volumes (member2=ldev=2, & member3=ldev=3). I am reading that the volume must be in a loner state to run formatvol. I perform "vsclose 3" and message reads volume is not physically mounted".
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Re: formatting volume members of mpexl_system_volume_set-0

Hello David,

The discs that are members of the MPEXL_SYSTEM_VOLUME_SET are always mounted when the system is up; their state is MASTER (ldev#1) and MEMBER for the other discs.

Bottom line, you cannot volutil:formatvol a disc that is active, mounted. To unmount a disc, you have to close the volume set it belongs to however, the system volume set cannot be closed when system is up.

If your goal is to get rid of the MPE/iX server and make sure all user datas are erased, you may want to do this:

1) purge all users accounts using the :PURGEACCT command

2) shut system down

3) restart the system from the alternate boot path using the most current CSLT tape

4) do an ISL>INSTALL (system will restore minimum system files and configuration files so system can boot up)


6) When system is up, log on as manager.sys and do a :DSTAT ALL

7) The 2 members should be in LONER state; go to volutil and do the following commands for each member:

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