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3G Modem on MSR 20-11

Occasional Advisor

3G Modem on MSR 20-11

Dear support staff/members,

I am trying to configure a 3G Huawei E156 modem on a MSR 20-11 router but I can´t see a Celular interface as it should have been recognized/detected.

Could it be a COMWARE/BOOTROM issue or MSR 20-11 doesnt has a Celular interface?

Relevant information:

COMWARE version 5.20 release 1618P07 - msr201x-cmw520-r1618p07.bin

BootROM 1.18

Also if any collegue could recommend/share a howto or configuration guide concerning the Celular interface services it would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much indeed.

Occasional Advisor

Re: 3G Modem on MSR 20-11

You need to use the version 1807 or later.

Occasional Advisor

Re: 3G Modem on MSR 20-11

Hello, jforti.

Thanks for the clarification.

In fact, I had that topic created before we had

our telephone conversation.

It was a firmware version issue.

It works very well. The interface was activated at the first traffic notice and it was stable. The throughput was just as expected for my 3G ISP/provider on my region.

As a side note, I would like to add that the required firmware needs more flash space than the out-of-box specs offer for that model(or at least the one I had on my hands).