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Re: Configure SSH MSR2012

Occasional Contributor

Configure SSH MSR2012

Hai... i need help how to config and up ssh. i have follw the manual and operation guide but it doesnt work. something it didnt show me in detail step by step on how to configure ssh and set the user to access via ssh. the only thing i manage to do is to enable the ssh server.... :quest:

need urgent..please assist me and please email me chenoi_a@yahoo.com TQ


Re: Configure SSH MSR2012

chenoi, I have ssh configured on my MSR below:

local-user ssh_client

password simple ssh_client

authorization-attribute level 3

service-type ssh telnet terminal

user-interface vty 0 4

authentication-mode scheme

protocol inbound ssh

public-key local create rsa

public-key local create dsa

ssh server enable