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HP Router MSR20-11

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HP Router MSR20-11

How to do port forwarding on this router?

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Re: HP Router MSR20-11

Hi Ivan


There is a simpe way to do this using "NAT internal servers".

You can find all the required information in Chapter 6 (Layer 3 - IP Services Configuration Guide) subchapter 7 (NAT configuration) of the configuration guide.


Say you have ethernet 0/0 connected to the Internet with IP address x.y.z.t assigned.

Your LAN computers are on a subnet: / 24

Your WEB server is


The simple way to do the port forwarding is:


<router> system-view

[router] interface ethernet 0/0

[router-Etherner0/0] nat outbound

[router-Etherner0/0] nat server protocol tcp global x.y.z.t 80 inside 80


The nat server command is explained in the command reference manual and the configuration guide.


Hope it helps.