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1800-24G J9028B Issues

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1800-24G J9028B Issues

I have 2 of these switches at a site. I wanted to TRUNK them together utilising 4 ports. I tried and it seems ok, with the default Aggregation Mode, but this is my issue. This is the mixed environment network. Firstly, I created the TRUNK and left the default agreegation mode on (SMAC XOR DMAC) and one mac gets DHCP but cannot ping anything on the network, eg. Printers, etc. If I switch this to say SMAC then this mac now works but another machine on the network no longer works, displaying the same error of the first unit. NO matter what I try with the Aggreegation Mode, nothing works. One machine works, then it doesnt and then it works. I need help to get this resolved.  Please someone help.


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Re: 1800-24G J9028B Issues

Do you get proper connectivity for all devices on the switch when it has a single uplink rather than a link aggregation?