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1810-8G v2 J9802A maintenance save


1810-8G v2 J9802A maintenance save

going from the v1 to the v2 version of this switch we seem to have lost the


"Maintenance > Save " option. I am having trouble trying to use a uploaded/downloaded configuration.


I make my changes and hit apply then upload the config ( .dat file ). After downloading, the switch appears to have the correct settings but doesn't work. I have to manually apply all the settings I need for them to appear after re-boot.


How are we supposed to save our settings if the "save" option has been removed ?


I am using PL.1.5 firmware and cannot get my vlans to work from a config file.


In production we have to manually save all our settings. A backward move.



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Re: 1810-8G v2 J9802A maintenance save



I had a look in the manual for the 1810 v2 switches




Page 1-4

Click "Apply" to send the updated configuration to the switch. Configuration changes take

effect immediately.

Configuration changes take effect immediately and are saved to the system configuration file after a 1-

minute delay. See

“Saving Changes” on page 1-5 below


But according to page 9-3


"Use this feature to perform a software reboot of the switch. If you applied configuration changes, wait

at least one minute before rebooting to ensure that the changes are saved to the system configuration

file, or use the Maintenance > Save Configuration page to save them immediately"



So according to the manual this page should be still available. Or this is just a mistake in the manual (copied from the v1 manual).


One possible explenation for your issue could be that you dont wait at least one minute after "Apply" before you power down the switch.


If you wait long enough and the config is still not saved properly there is probably a bug and you have to contact the support.





Emil /HPN