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1810 VLAN set up

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1810 VLAN set up



I have set up 3 VLANs on an 1810


VLAN 1 has port 1 untagged, this is connected to a draytek Vigor 3900 router that is the dhcp, and load balancing the internet connection.


VLAN2 has port 1 tagged, and ports 2-12 untagged all other ports excluded. This is the management VLAN, and my computer is plugged into port 2.


VLAN3 has port 1 tagged, ports 2-12 excluded and all other ports untagged.


With this setup, I cannot ping the router, get no DHCP or internet access.


If I untag port 1 in VLAN 2 then everything returns to normal for that VLAN.


Where am I going wrong.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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Re: 1810 VLAN set up

So your switch has 3 VLANs on it, all trunked to the router on port 1, with the remaining ports assigned half to VLAN2 and half to VLAN3.


You need 3 subnets, one assigned to each VLAN.

The router will need 3 VLAN interfaces, one for each VLAN, each configured with the router address for its subnet.

The router will need 2 DHCP scopes, one each for the VLAN2 and VLAN3 subnets.