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1810G-24 switches flapping intermittently

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1810G-24 switches flapping intermittently

We've had five 1810G-24 switches in service for the past year. We've stayed on top of firmware upgrades and are now at V2.10.


The problem is that every so often, the switch ports will spontaneously flap, i.e. go down and come back up within a few seconds. They don't reboot, and nothing is logged other than active ports/interface reporting link down, then link up.


This is more an inconvenience than anything -- my Nagios monitor will report a switch down, and I have to check it out, or ignore it -- but I was wondering if there is a particularly good reason for this behavior.


It would make sense if this were, say, a reaction to high CPU utilization, or memory full condition, but I have no way of knowing. I(f anyone knows OIDs for CPU and free/total memory values on the 1810G-24 I would be obliged...I take it these are actually rebranded 3COMs but (a) I don't know what the 3COM model number is and (b) and looking for a needle in a haystack of old MIBs isn't something I look forward to. snmpwalks have not shown me anything promising yet.)