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1810G-24 vs E4210-24G

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1810G-24 vs E4210-24G

Hi, could someone give me an example of why I would choose the E4210-24G switch over the 1810G-24 switch?

1810G-24 J9450A

E4210-24G JF844A

My scenario: I need connectivity to servers within my colo cabinet. I do need to keep certain traffic segregated via VLAN's because some servers are VMware hosts and others are physical linux boxes that crunch data (via Hadoop).

Jorge Pons
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Re: 1810G-24 vs E4210-24G


It will be interesting know the rest of environment to know what switch is better, and how many servers have you, if you want to install only one or two, etc..

In both, you can manage several VLANs. 4210 Series is more advance, I think it depends of the rest of your environment, but al first time, its better.

Regards, Jorge
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Re: 1810G-24 vs E4210-24G

Actually I just saw the 2510G-24 which I think may be a nice balance: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12599_na/12599_na.HTML

Regarding your question, please see attached: It is probably more than you would like to know, but this is the scenario in my head using two 24 port switches. I am not a network expert FYI ;-)

Would the 2510G be sufficient?
Richard Brodie_1
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Re: 1810G-24 vs E4210-24G

There are (at least) two intermediates: the V1910 and the E2510G.

The range is a little squashed because there are 3COM re-branded ones and classic Procurve ones. Until the 3COM products are completely assimilated, the positioning isn't terribly clear.

How far up the range you go depends what features you can make use of, and generally, that corresponds to how heavily you need to instrument your network.

For example, Sflow is a useful way of sampling high traffic flows - but if you don't have any capture tools for it, it won't be a lot of use. Similarly RMON.

If you're asking the question, the E4210-24G is probably overkill.