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1810G-48 J9660A SFP Problems

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1810G-48 J9660A SFP Problems

Dear Community,

maybe someone has an idea.

The 1810G ProCurve 24 Port Switch (J9450A) does accept any SFP Module, even with 2 Gbit.

The same SFP Module does not work in a J9660A, 1810G-48 Port.

In the Log I can see: unsopported.

Is there any contact to HP to request an firmware update?

Does someone has any other solution? I checked the firmware with Hex editor but no chance to see this chapter.

We own tons of SFP Modules that are not working in the 48 Port Switch.



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Re: 1810G-48 J9660A SFP Problems

Hello ITSup1,


No, the J9450A does not accept any SPF in the terms of any brand or speed. For compatability see:




If the SFP you insert in the J9450A returns a message that it's unsupoorted it could be that it isn't supported by the device or by HP.


What kind of SFP are you using?

HPN Transceiver guru!

Re: 1810G-48 J9660A SFP Problems

Dear Mik,

thank you for your reply.

We own a large mount of J9450A and they all accept the SFP: JDS Uniphase, JSP-21S0AA1 with 2.125 Gbit.

Only the J9660A does not accept the same Transceiver.


I know that it is not supported but I don't understand the reason.

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Re: 1810G-48 J9660A SFP Problems

I presume you refer to the J9660A not accepting the JSP-21S0AA1 transceiver while the J9450A does and not the reason for not supporting 3rd party transceivers by HP.


There is not an easy way of explaining this behavior since it depends on the switch, the software running on the switch and the transceiver including its software. Some combinations trigger the "unsupported" while others don't, some work fine while others don't.


Also the differences in the switch models play a part. Not all HPN transceiver revisions are supported in the units that from the outside difference only appears to be 24 or 48 ports. For example the 24 port model does support the J4858A transceiver including the B-, and C-revision (J4858B, J4858C) while the 48 port model only supports the B- and C-revision of the same transceiver and not the A-revision.


For cases with 3rd party transceivers HP would need to look at each case individually and determine why the 3rd party does not operate, hence one of the reasons why 3rd party transceivers might work but are not supported in HPN switches. 


On the question (HEX editor) what exactly the HP HW and SW are looking for in the transceiver HW and SW to make a match I can't answer.

HPN Transceiver guru!