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1810G And BPDU issues on VLAN's & Sonos

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1810G And BPDU issues on VLAN's & Sonos

I've got a situation that's causing no end of strife that perhaps people can help me out with.


Have a 2510G with 5 1810G-08's plugged into it. They're all running a multiple VLAN configuration, with each connection to the 1810G-08's running all VLAN's tagged.


Connected into each 1810G is a Sonos device. They are flooding the network with STP data, which, according to the release notes for OS 2.2 on the 1810G's, should handle them just fine (or at leastonly re-distribute BDPU's to member ports in the same VLAN that they were received on).


It appears as though either the firmware doesn't do what it says it does, or the Sonos are doing something strange. Basically, when the Sonos devices are turned on, the 1810's all pretty much grind to a halt. 


There are other reports out there of similar problems, but i've not found a definitive answer. Someone mentioned some 'secret unrleased firmware' for the 1810's that apparently fixes it, but i'm not really holding on to that belief.


Short of replacing all the 1810's with something that does full STP support like the 2510 does, do any people around here have any suggestions?


(note that I did not select this solution, it's an inherited setup from a customer who wants it fixed for minimal cost; they've already spent a bucket on the install, and i'm keen to avoid incurring more costs with more hardware).

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Re: 1810G And BPDU issues on VLAN's & Sonos

By hardwiring your Sonos players you created network loops that go from a first player to a second one through the Sonosnet wireless mesh, and then back to the first player through the wired connections to the 1080Gs.


The Sonos players should be able to discover these loops through STP and break them by disabling the slowest links (that is the WiFi). However some switches are not compatible with Sonos implementation of the STP protocol. In this case the best solution is to manually break these loops by turning off the Sonos wireless connection