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1810g (J9450A) firmware and config for XenServer

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1810g (J9450A) firmware and config for XenServer

Hi all.


I usually work with Cisco's devices so I'm not really expert with Procurve appliances.


Here are my quesitons:


1) I'm trying to download the latest firmware from here:



But when I try to download I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display the page" I tried on two different networks but no luck at all.


2) How does the firmware version number work? What I mean is that the latest firmware is 2.10 (5 dec 2012) and the 2.2 (24 nov 2010) should be older... Actually 2.10 should be lower than 2.2... am I wrong?


3) The most important question: I have a customer that has 2 of these switches attacched to a NetApp FAS2040 and XenServer. The two switches are trunked together with 2 interfaces in fiber. There is just one cable that goes from ONE switch to the LAN to provide LAN access to clients.

Each server has 3 cables connected: 1 for LAN and 2 for storage (bond active-active) (all three connected to the same switch) nothing has been configured on ports, no loop protection, NO TRUNKS, nothing. Now SAN is on VLAN200 and LAN is on VLAN1.


They just bought 2 other switches (exactly the same model) to add redundancy. On XenServer side I can configure a bond in Active/Passive mode so just one cable will be used... but the point is: if I configure another BOND with another IP Address the redundancy cannot be made because the LUNs are mapped on a different IP address... If I create a BOND with 4 interfaces (2 on first switch and 2 on second switch) in Active-Passive mode then it will work BUT only one link at time (1 Gbps).


So here's my question:

If I enable LOOP protection on all 4 switches, and I connect 2 cables on the first switch and 2 others on the second with loop protection, should it works right? I mean, it should work like the spanning tree (with a delay) but it works...

My other idea was to create a TRUNK on the first switch with 2 cables, a TRUNK on the second switch with 2 cables then set up a BOND on Xen in Active-Passive but actually I'm not sure if it will work properly.


More or less the same story for the LAN. I would like to add another link to the LAN, maybe using another cable. The point is: the cable that is now connected to the switch goes to a 3com which is not configurable... I may add another cable on the other switch an set up loop protection...


If you have any other idea feel free to let me know.


Thank you for your time



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