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1910-8G routing question

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1910-8G routing question

hi guys,


hope your well,


ive found this really good guide about intervlan routing




this guide explains how to do intervlan routing on the switch and get the switch to route to the next hop ie the firewall/router, also i want to use it as a DHCP RELAY for the vlans on the switch,


on the link (below) do i just click on the radio button BOOTP or DHCP instead of selecting on MANUAL




sorry for the daft question, many thanks in advance for your help




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Re: 1910-8G routing question

i mean the LAN port on my router /firewall has got the ip address and then it goes to my vlan switch and the vlan it goes into is vlan 8 which is labelled as the server network i thought all i had to do was to create static routes in my router /firewall ie for all my networks ie


vlan 1 -(network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)


vlan 2 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)


vlan 3 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)


vlan 8 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)


is this correct or not, sorry for the dumb question



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Re: 1910-8G routing question

With your first question - that's the web management screen for your switch, right? If so, then you are configuring the IP address your switch will use to route for that VLAN/subnet, so I don't think you want to set it to obtain an IP address by DHCP...?


For your second question, your router needs routes for your internal subnets, as follows:

 The target for the route has to be an address in a subnet the router belongs to. It routes the packets to that address, from which they get routed by the switch.


You don't need a route for, because the router will already have a route for this subnet due to it being a subnet it already has an interface in that subnet.


When you say is your "Server" subnet, does that mean you have hosts on it? If you are relying on your switch to route between VLANs, then you should use a different VLAN to connect to your router. You should not span a VLAN across two layer-3 devices.