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1920-24G ARP table question

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1920-24G ARP table question


I have purchased 5 x 1920-24G switch for a small office, I have ~25 users with mobile device and printers let's say around 50 clients.

I don't have special requirements, I basically use the access L2 layer.

But on these, I see the ARP table filling, because every client is tagged in the default VLAN1?

My question is will I get problems if I reach the low threshold (which is 64 I read)?

Can I disable the L3 for clients by leaving a specific port tagged VLAN1 for management?


Topology is straightforward : 1 x 1920 (core), 3 x 1920 (access). I also want to use 1 x DMZ (on another interface of the router).

Occasional Contributor

Re: 1920-24G ARP table question

Would the Gratuitous ARP feature be the reason why the ARP table is used?