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1920-8G-PoE+ (JG921A) limited CLI, can't set IP

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1920-8G-PoE+ (JG921A) limited CLI, can't set IP

I have a ProCurve 1920-8G-PoE+ (JG921A).  I've connected and authentiated via the CLI, but I cannot determine or set the IP address of this switch.  I can't initialize it either.  I am only given the commands: PING/QUIT/TELNET.

I have also tried entering _cmdline-mode on, but that command is not accepted either.

* Copyright (c) 2010-2014 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. *
* Without the owner's prior written consent, *
* no decompiling or reverse-engineering shall be allowed. *

User interface aux0 is available.


Please press ENTER.

Login authentication

#Apr 26 07:54:00:587 2000 WAK1-NETENG1 SHELL/4/LOGIN:
Trap login from Console
%Apr 26 07:54:00:737 2000 WAK1-NETENG1 SHELL/5/SHELL_LOGIN: admin logged in from aux0.
User view commands:
ping Ping function
quit Exit from current command view
telnet Establish one TELNET connection


Ian Vaughan
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Re: 1920-8G-PoE+ (JG921A) limited CLI, can't set IP


The switch by default will DHCP for a dynamic address but given that the switch has a non-default hostname it looks like it has already been configured.

In that case I would do some discovery on the network - Zenmap port sweep - DHCP server logs etc - and match up against your switch MAC address on the rear panel of the device.

The switch is sold as a Web Managed device so you *should* use the web console as your primary interaction with the device.



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Re: 1920-8G-PoE+ (JG921A) limited CLI, can't set IP

Thanks Ian.  I spent the better part of day trying to determine the IP of the switch, it just disappeard off of our network, thus leading me to try console access.

I finaly called HPE and we decided to hard-reset it by pressing CTRL+B during the boot up and deleteing the config.  It is now working propertly after re-configuaration.

Thanks for the reply!