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1920 Issue

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1920 Issue



I have a HP 1910 16G Switch which is connected 2 servers and my router. (See attached diagram)


There are 2 VLANs 1 and 10. VLAN1 is untagged on all ports and VLAN10 is untagged on port 1 and 2. The servers are plugged into port 1 and port 2 and the router is plugged into port 15.


VLAN1 has an Interface of and a gateway of (Router)

I created a VLAN Interface of for VLAN 10. Both servers have a gateway of and can ping eachother.


My router has a static route of  gateway: and it can ping my servers and the VLAN 10 interface and ping (google) from my server.


Im struggling to get on the internet from this server (very slow and if I do get to a page it has things missing and text all over the place). 


When I do a tracert from either server (MU-MGMT01 in this case) (to google for example) I get the below:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 3 ms 3 ms 3 ms []
3 35 ms 34 ms 36 ms []
4 97 ms 35 ms 34 ms []
5 35 ms 37 ms 35 ms []
6 36 ms 36 ms 35 ms
7 36 ms 36 ms 36 ms
8 36 ms 36 ms 36 ms
9 36 ms 36 ms 36 ms []

Trace complete.


Couple of things I notice here: 


Why is my host coming up as and why can I not see my router ( in the trace?


Might not be related to my issues but maybe someone can help me out?



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Re: 1920 Issue

The only thing missing from your description/diagram is the default route on your switch, which is presumably -->


Your network looks OK. Your web browsing is probably related to security settings on your router or on your server browser.


Just one thing, you say "all ports are VLAN1 untagged" and "ports 1 & 2 are VLAN10 untagged". I assume ports 1 & 2 are in fact not in VLAN1 at all? 

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Re: 1920 Issue

Thank you for the reply.


You are correct the default route to the router is


Attached is the VLAN config.


Ive never seen a tracert show for my host before. Is that something to be concerned with? 

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Re: 1920 Issue

Im being stupid! Basically I went back to basics and as usual 3 letters D N S.

My DC was forwarding to a nonexistant DNS server first. When I removed it, everything works as it should. Still a little confused by the thing,.

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Re: 1920 Issue

You have ports 1- 3 having mutiple untagged VLAN memberships - you need to fix this.

Each port should have no more than 1 untagged VLAN, and it should have a PVID of the untagged VLAN.