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1920 configure port security

Occasional Advisor

1920 configure port security



Got 1920 34G switch as a demo usint to work on and test it. previously have worked on CLI mode og HP 2520, 3COM etc. not fluent with web interface.

We use port security. Below is the config snippet that we do in CLI, stuck with it to do it through web mode, need some help here.


aaa authentication port-access eap-radius
radius-server host key abc123
radius-server host key abc123
port-security 1 action send-alarm
management-vlan 4
aaa port-access authenticator 1-24
aaa port-access authenticator 1 client-limit 1
aaa port-access authenticator 2 client-limit 1


aaa port-access authenticator active
aaa port-access mac-based 1-24
aaa port-access mac-based addr-format multi-dash
aaa port-access 1-24




Occasional Advisor

Re: 1920 configure port security

Adding further.


This switch config is syntax is same as 3COM 4210, Got some 4210 still operational.


So pasting the port security config that is done on 4210 switches , usually do through CLI.

How can it be done using web ?



 port-security enable

 dot1x authentication-method eap
 undo dot1x handshake enable

radius scheme system
radius scheme NAP
 server-type standard
 primary authentication 1645
 primary accounting
 secondary authentication
 secondary accounting
 key authentication abc123
 key accounting abc123
 user-name-format without-domain
domain abcnet
 scheme radius-scheme NAP local
 vlan-assignment-mode string
domain system




interface Ethernet1/0/1
 stp edged-port enable
 port access vlan 106
 loopback-detection enable
 port-security port-mode userlogin-secure-or-mac