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2928-SF Plus (V1910-24G) error modifying default IP

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2928-SF Plus (V1910-24G) error modifying default IP

Hello there


I'm having a big problem with my 3Com Baseline Switch 2928-SFP Plus.


I'm confyguring the switch to my fiber optic cable network and as I do to all my new switch i need to change the 

default IP to the network IP. In this case i need to change the to And I use the wiard to do this. I chang it to Manual.


Sysname:3Com Baseline Switch
Syslocation:Marlborough, MA 01752 USA
Syscontact:3Com Corporation.

VLAN Interface:1 Admin Status:UP

Config IPv4 address:
IPv4 address:
Subnet mask:

Config IPv6 link-local address:
IPv6 address:NoChange


when i click Finish it allways gives this error and It never change's the default IP so i can't use it.


"Configuring IPv4 - Request times out"


I´ve already updated the firmware but it doesn't work anyway.


Can someone help me?


Thank You

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Re: 2928-SF Plus (V1910-24G) error modifying default IP

Hello !

This setting by Web Console or CLI?

If by Web, try this setting for CLI ...

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Re: 2928-SF Plus (V1910-24G) error modifying default IP

By CLI you mean the console port?

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Re: 2928-SF Plus (V1910-24G) error modifying default IP

Personally, if something weird like this was happening to me, I would probably back up the switch config (assuming I even needed it) and I would delete the config file and try setting the IP address in a blank config. To me this would tell me if I was having a software or a config problem.


Another thing that would occur to me would be to configure a very simple IP address, eg, with a GW of