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3 VLANs, IPv4 Routing & ACL


3 VLANs, IPv4 Routing & ACL

Hi Guys,


   Is it possible to configure HP V1910 to have 3 vlans and only 2 of them can route to the 3rd vlan where the first 2 can't see each other? An example of this would be:


   VLAN 10 ( /24) - Ground Floor PC 1 ( /24)

   VLAN 20 ( /24) - 2nd Floor PC 2 ( /24)

   VLAN 30 ( /24) - 3rd Floor Server ( /24)


   Both PC 1 and PC 2 can access the Server. But PC 1 and PC 2 can't access each other.


   I've already managed to use VLAN Interfaces and assigned the manual ip addresses above but once I've done this, the switch automatically creates routes (Direct), thus all PCs can access each other. Even when I use ACLs to deny access, it doesn't seem to work.


   My ACL

      Rule ID=1

      Operation = deny

      Description=ip source


      Time Range=Forever (Mon-Sun, All time)


   There. Is there's something wrong with my setup or it's really not possible to achieve this setup?


   Thank you.