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4800-24G-SFP Switch (JD009A) - SFP Problem (JD008B & JD009B)

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4800-24G-SFP Switch (JD009A) - SFP Problem (JD008B & JD009B)

We have a 4800-24G-SFP switch and recently bought 5 SFPs (JD008B & JD009B) for the switch.

I cannot get the SFPs to work.


They work just fine if I try them in one of our Juniper switches so I know there’s nothing physically wrong with the SFP modules.


The switch had firmware "S4800G-CMW520-R2101" from the start so I figured maybe a firmware upgrade would solve the problem. I upgraded to "5500.EI_4800G_R2215" without any result.


I still can't get the SFPs to work even though they are listed as a accessory for the 4800G switch in the Switch Selector at HPs Procurve site...


I've attached a screenshot from the switchselector...


Any suggestions??


EDIT: I've also attached an outake from the quickspecs PDF (Dated: October 19, 2011)



EDIT: Found this document, it does not list JD118B or JD119B








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Re: 4800-24G-SFP Switch (JD009A) - SFP Problem (JD008B & JD009B)

Well, having some 3Com 4800G, HP E4800, H3C S5500-EI, HP A5500-EI switches, I can happily report that you can throw every kind of SFP module at it and it will happily work, although it complains that the inserted modules are not H3C coded. Of course this is NOT guaranteed by anyone.


It doesn´t matter, so I could reuse all my e.g. Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, HP Procurve SFP modules which is simply great.


With, was it Release 2208?, there was actually a kind of problem where those ports have been shutdown a period of 30 days, but this was fixed with R2208P01 and R2210.




Hm, different optics for singlemode and multimode? What does the 4800 tell you, when you put them into the device? Are those recognized?



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Re: 4800-24G-SFP Switch (JD009A) - SFP Problem (JD008B & JD009B)

Thanks for the reply!


I'll have a look after the holidays.


It's kinda strange, after I upgraded the switch I got no error when i plugin the SFP. But still no link....

Same SFP in juniper switch works without issues....