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Application program does not exist Switch HP V1910-48G

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Application program does not exist Switch HP V1910-48G

Good afternoon,


I'm having problems with hp switch v1910-48g. Not possessed the admin password of the switch and follow an internet guide to reset it excluding the .cfg file from flash. Inadvertently ended up excluding firmeware.

I tried to reinstall the bootrom using the procedures listed in the tutorial update more without success.

I am doing the following:

Connect the switch by COM, speed 38400

Option 6. enter bootrom upgrade menu

Option 1. Update full BootRom

Option 3. Set XMODEM protocol parameters

Option 3. 38400


After these procedures, through the transfer >> Send, sending the .bin file to flash.


At the end I get the following message: something wrong with the file and options to advance the update in flash not continue.


Please help me.



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