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Change mtu port in HP 1920-24g


Change mtu port in HP 1920-24g

Hi everyone!

I have a problem to change the mtu of a 1920-24g switch port. My isp that gives me the link with mtu 2000, but I can't get traffic when I step through the switch.

Jumbo frame indicates the maximum of 9600, but I can't frame larger than 1500 in the port. Colud guid me how to?


Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Change mtu port in HP 1920-24g

Since this a forum for HP-UX, it would be useful to know:

What computer model and version of HP-UX are you using?
What does lanadmin -m reports for the lan interface you are testing?
How are you generating the large packets on the HP-UX side?
And is the other end of this network connection also setup to handle jumbo packets?

Bill Hassell, sysadmin