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Changing VLAN Interface on 1910

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Changing VLAN Interface on 1910



when I configure more that one VLAN Interfaces on a 1910, I loose web access as soon as I remove the first configured one.


Long version:

I have a 1910 with 4 VLANs on it. I configured one port as a trunk port as described in the manual. I can ping and access client computers and cameras on different VLANs on this switch. The switch is completely usable. Then I want to manage the switch from a different VLAN. I create a VLAN Interface for VLAN4 with an IP that is reachable everywhere on my 60+ client network. I can ping that IP, but only as long as the VLAN1 Interface exists. When I delete this one, I lose BOTH pings and cannot manage my switch. What is going wrong here?