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Changing VLAN-settings over SNMP for a V1910 switch


Changing VLAN-settings over SNMP for a V1910 switch



I'm having a problem with changing VLAN-settings over SNMP. I've found multiple OIDs that contain VLAN-settings, both port-based per-VLAN hex strings and VLAN-based per-port strings. They are listed as read-write access in the MIB but when I try writing to them with snmpset I'm always getting inconsistentValue returned. I've tried in many different formats with and without the MIBs loaded, but to no avail.


The "SetRequest-PDU accepted and processed" SNMP Statistic counter on the WebUI increases even though a inconsistentValue fault is returned, maybe it is how it works though. I'm brand new to SNMP, but I seem to be at a dead end with this.


The most helpful information I've found is from:


Where they say:inconsistentValue: "A MIB variable is in an inconsistent state, and is not accepting any set requests."


It doesn't really help much though, but google had people with similar problems getting suggested to change a related variable to allow writes, like changing the state of the VLAN or such.

I've found .

which seems to be read-create and stores the state of the VLAN, but trying to set that to anything but its current value returns an inconsistentValue as well.


Any help at all would be much appreciated!