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Cisco core switch to HP 1910

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Cisco core switch to HP 1910



I have question about STP. If honestly I know my answer is MST. But Im afraid to work on it , cause system alive. (and working without very big problem)

Just I know mistake Cisco and HP has different STP. I had before just Cisco 4503 core switch, and Cisco 2960 edge switch.

Then I had HP 1910 switches and I have problem about STP.

I have two question. One of them

1- What on Cisco backbone side trunk configuration to HP 1910 (I did portfast and bpdufilter)

And whats on hp 1910 side that connected to Cisco Backbone. ? (its just simply trunk and allowed to vlans)

2- Sometimes Cisco backbone to Cisco 2960 with gigabit switch. But under 2960 , I have HP 1910.

So same question what must configuration 2960 trunk gi port to 1910, and which configuration 1910 trunk port to 2960.  (  I mean two side of ethernet cable )

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