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Configuration Switch V1910-48g

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Configuration Switch V1910-48g

my name is Luca. I'm trying to configure the switch V1910-48 G - JE009A.
I set the IP address of my network and I rebooted the switch: now I can not see it through the console WEB and even to "ping" them.

How do I reset it?



could you explain to me how I should use the console cable? Could you explain the steps and the software to be used in order to use the console cable?


Thank you for your answer


Best regards



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Re: Configuration Switch V1910-48g

ctrl-b during boot-up will reset the switch config.


From the manual (p24 in mine):
"A console cable is an 8-core shielded cable, with a crimped RJ-45 connector at one end for connecting
to the console port of the switch, and a DB-9 female connector at the other end for connecting to the
serial port on the console terminal."


"Use a console cable to connect a terminal device to the switch, as follows:
1. Plug the DB-9 female connector to the serial port of the console terminal or PC.
2. Connect the RJ-45 connector to the console port of the switch.
• The serial port on a PC does not support hot swapping. When you connect a PC to a powered-on switch,
connect the DB-9 connector of the console cable to the PC before connecting the RJ-45 connector to the
• When you disconnect a PC from a powered-on switch, disconnect the DB-9 connector of the console
cable from the PC after disconnecting the RJ-45 connector from the switch.

Setting terminal parameters
To configure and manage the switch, you must run a terminal emulator program on the console terminal.
The following are the required terminal settings:
• Bits per second—38,400
• Data bits—8
• Parity—None
• Stop bits—1
• Flow control—None
• Emulation—VT100

To set terminal parameters, for example, on a Windows XP HyperTerminal:
1. Select Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal.
The Connection Description dialog box appears.
2. Enter the name of the new connection in the Name field and click OK.

3. Select the serial port to be used from the Connect using list, and click OK.
4. Set Bits per second to 38400, Data bits to 8, Parity to None, Stop bits to 1, and Flow control to
None, and click OK.

5. Select File > Properties in the HyperTerminal window.
6. Click the Settings tab, set the emulation to VT100, and click OK in the Switch Properties dialog