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Configure HP-1950 48port JG963A with trunking

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Configure HP-1950 48port JG963A with trunking



I need some help to setup a high availability wireless connection b/w two sites with two radio wireless devices. For the moment i have issues with the existing wireless connection as it drops off packets anytime during the day and on some occasions i have to restart it to bring it back online.

I have a HP-1950 JG963A switch with default VLAN ID 1 and untagged ports. On each site i have two radio wireless devices to connect the two sites, for the moment one pair of wireless device is disconnected to avoid creating network loop.

I like to know how to setup the HP switch ports of both wireless devices on both sites to use two pairs of wireless devices as high availability connection amongst sites. I am confused if i have weather i have to setup trunk ports on both switches with or without port aggregation.


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